Weell hooolllyyy crap! You’ve made it further than most. Congrats! This is last big hurdle before you can prance around as an adorable carpet monster! Surprisingly, this isn’t terribly difficult, just slightly tedious.

Now that you’ve got your duct tape dummy made, you’re going to cover it in plastic wrap, then tape it up just like you did your head to create a pattern. If you’re doing digi legs, tape your padding to your legs prior to wrapping it in plastic wrap so the pattern follows your padding.

Mark your pattern out on the duct new layer of duct tape, and begin cutting it out. Cut it so it lays flat just like you normally would and use that to pattern your body!

You don’t need to add a lot of slop in your seams. It will fit snugly, but it’ll look much better than some floppy turd of a suit.

Once you’ve got the fur cut, just sew it together, sew in a zipper (machine sew straight stitch will be fine and look clean), and you’re ready to go!



Please note the links supplied here are simply SUGGESTIONS and you are welcome to substitute whatever products you feel appropriate. The only things you should avoid are things that can hold moisture like cardboard or other paper products, and low-quality fur.


  • Fur trimmers/clippers
    • Cheap – Great if you only plan to make a couple fursuits or are on a budget. Will not last as long as the ‘quality’ but will deliver good results.
    • Quality – Great for prolonged use, making many fursuits, or trimming your pets!
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing Clips – These are used instead of or along with sewing pins and are WONDERFUL! If you have an extra $10, these are absolute GOLD!


A quick image that helped me with digi padding layout

YouTube Tutorials